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Introducing Quarry Reports

Generate CTIA OTA Reports in seconds with Data Quarry’s new report generation application.

Report generation will save you up to 90% of reporting time and eliminate human errors typically found in 60% of reports received by Telecommunication Certification Bodies (TCBs) today.


We make it simple to process your raw source data.

Start by adding your OTA measurement files and folders. The simple drag and drop interface allows you to drag entire folders onto Quarry Reports.

Don’t worry. We never modify your source files, and Quarry Reports will intelligently sort through thousands of files in seconds using our unique file identification system. We also support the traditional open file dialog and advanced users will feel right at home with our extensive command line interface.


Intelligent metadata extraction

Quickly review metadata extracted from each OTA file such as Tech (LTE, WCDMA, ect), Band, Test Type, Channel, Setup, and Antenna. Quarry Reports will intelligently use information within each file to pre-populate all options for you and automatically assigns each file to the appropriate report type(s). Files with insufficient metadata will be highlighted and can be resolved using the inline dropdown menu options for each file.


In most cases, Quarry Reports can automatically determine everything it needs to generate report previews for all applicable report types without any user interaction.

Need to make some last minute changes? Jump back to the files and review tabs to exclude items or hand pick data from multiple test runs. The report tab keeps in sync with your changes allowing you to preview your reports without ever leaving the program.

Tired of spending days generating 3D plots? Don’t worry Quarry Reports handles that too! Providing a standardized look and feel regardless of chamber type.

Once you’re satisfied with your report, you can export to popular formats such as RTF, Word, Excel, PDF, etc.

Want even faster report generation? Use our Auto Generate report options to completely automate the report generation process.

ETS-Lindgren’s EMQuest™

Our partnership with ETS-Lindgren means you can export your RAW data directly from EMQuest™ to Quarry using the Export to Quarry button. We also support bulk import / conversion of entire directories containing EMQuest RAW files.

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