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About Data Quarry

Data Quarry Inc was founded in 2016 but has roots stemming back to 2011. Located in the heart of Sorrento Valley in San Diego, California, Data Quarry was first developed by DockOn Inc to help their engineers solve problems derived from manual analysis and reporting. Data Quarry has gained traction over the years as a market leader and in 2016 spun-off into a thriving business, developing one of a kind applications for the wireless industry.

Wireless companies have consistently been at the forefront of innovation, creating revolutionary technologies for consumers and businesses alike over the past few decades. With all this innovation many of the processes performed internally in antenna design houses, test labs, and carriers are antiquated, making engineers spend endless hours copying and pasting data for analysis or reporting. Data Quarry software automates mindless time-consuming activities allowing engineers to spend more time designing, testing and innovating.