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Custom Development

Our development team can leverage our report and visualization platforms for industries outside the wireless ecosystem. Have hundreds or thousands of files that you need to extract data from and visualize or generate reports? Our reporting platforms multithreaded parallel processing engine can quickly identify and extract data from thousands of files in seconds. Contact us to discuss your unique visualization or reporting needs.

Data Handlers

Data handlers are a core technology allowing our team to easily create solutions for any data format. We currently support hundreds of file formats and are always adding more. Leveraging multithread parallel processing, we are able to process data in seconds. Have a file format that no one has heard of? No problem, we can development a custom data handler for your format and parse the data any way you want.


Visualization of data is key to the success of any business. Quarry’s core technology is a modular system allowing us to develop one-off charts, graphs, heat maps, etc. for your unique needs. Understanding how to present meaningful and accurate data is what we do best.


As data amasses and businesses drive for more efficient processes, the push for reporting steadily climbs. Have tons of data that you need to refine down into a report, but don’t want to spend endless hours creating it by hand? Let us help you automate your reports and save you more than 10x the time. Quarry’s reporting engine can be used to automate and generate any report.

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