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Quarry Analysis

An advanced analysis and reporting tool for the wireless device development eco-system enabling engineers to visualize, and compare their data by drag-and-dropping files on the screen, along with generating ad hoc reports quickly. Optimize efficiency and communication across teams and with customers.

Quarry Reports

A simple streamline test data reporting tool for the wireless industry. Quarry Reports provides accurate and error free reports in seconds. Reports generated will contain all relevant data in graphs, charts, text, or images while exporting to your favorite file formats.

Quarry Convert

Disconnect from the tether that is your chamber computer by converting EMQuest files to Quarry format outside of EMquest with Quarry Convert. Converted files no longer require EMQuest and can be imported directly into Quarry Analysis or Reports.

Custom Development

We know that every business has unique challenges requiring custom solutions. For this reason, Quarry has been developed with modularity in mind, so any type of analytics, visualization or reporting you can dream up, our team can create. Leveraging Quarry’s core technologies allows us to deliver consistent results for our customers across a plethora of industries. 

Turnkey Templates

The underlying backbone to generating reports quickly is our turnkey templates. Our team offers a myriad of ready to go compliance report templates that have been third-party tested, but we realize our customers may have unique needs or reporting requirements. Let our tools take the work out of reporting for you. We can develop custom templates based on your reporting needs.

We specialize in innovative tools and solutions for engineers, test labs, and carriers. Our goal is to make your work life easier by eliminating the redundant antiquated process of manual analysis and reporting. We are dedicated to ensuring our clients the ability to visualize, analyze and report on their data, no matter the industry or data type.

Our Customers

At NETGEAR we work constantly to improve quality and reduce time to market for an increasing number of products to meet customer demand. Using the Quarry Analysis & Reporting tool in our lab has helped speed up our analysis ~10x while making it significantly easier to accurately compare measured and simulated data and thereby reducing design cycles.

Joseph Emmanuel, Director, Wireless Performance, NETGEAR

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